🟊Recent Illustrations🟊

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🟊Visual Development🟊

Message Beats

A TV Pitch Project based in West African culture and fantasy: Adia, an odd village girl accidentally awakens a magical talking drum called Boula and together they fight off huge spiritual monsters invading her home! (Pitch Project 2018-ongoing)


Collaboration with StoryFarm to created a mock educational advertisement for Everytown.org called 'Accidentally'.
Educational Video about the dangers of owning guns in a household

Beyond the Walls (MICA Senior Thesis Film)

For my Final Senior Animation, i am making my old webcomic into a short film. Ginger, Pom and Kitch are little people living quietly under a huge household. One day, Pom and Ginger go on an errand 'quest' to find a basic item for Kitch. They quickly find it after arguing but also discovered its guarded by dangerous rats...

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🟊Demo Reel🟊

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🟊About Me🟊

Natasha Nayo is a freelance animator and Illustrator from Accra, Ghana. She graduated at Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA Animation and Illustration. Currently looking for hire!
She loves to practice character design, visual development and 2D animations. Her videos were displayed in various festivals such as Encounters Film Festival, Discop Johannesburg and Annecy Film Festival. Her recent tv pitch, Message Beats was one of the MIFA Pitches Finalist in 2019 and one of the Winning Pitch chosen by Digital Lab Africa (2020)

She loves making her audience smile and laugh with her animations and is quite determined to be represented in the animation industry.

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